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  • July, 2014
    , 2014 the special cable services department alone is July independent, changes the name as the Zhejiang ten thousand horse private line cable science and technology Limited company.
  • November, 2012
    in November, 2012 ten thousand horse groups change the name are ten thousand horse union holding group Limited companies.
  • July, 2009
    in July, 2009 ten thousand horse electric cables in Shenzhen Small and medium-sized enterprise board success going on the market.
  • May, 2003
    in May, 2003 established the special cable services department, Wan Mazhuan the cable company predecessor.
  • March, 2001
    in March, 2001 the business name change was “the Zhejiang ten thousand horse group Limited company”.
  • June 1989
    in June, 1989 the Hangzhou Linan special electron cable plant created, Joint-stock company predecessor.
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